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Skateboarding & design are at the heart of everything we do

We make quality skate ramps & obstacles, furniture, art and accessories using FSC certified, reclaimed and recycled materials. We take professional pride in everything we create, adopting a unique and artistic sense of design and craftsmanship throughout. 

All our products are designed by FCHK and built to last at Start From Zero workshops in Hong Kong. Every piece is made to order and can be custom designed to any specification to fit your space and aesthetic. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, just drop us a line.

If you can dream it, we can build it.


FCHK use only the highest quality materials and as standard use imported FSC compliant Birch plywood from Russia. The cold climate and slow growing of this wood ensures tight growth rings and gives superior density, strength and stability as well as a super clean and hard wearing finish.

All surfaces, inside and out, are professionally finished and treated with multiple coats of Hesse brand lacquers from Germany. Our hand-finished products have a unique weathered vintage style and come in either NATURAL or DARK wood colour.

18mm FSC Russian birch outer ply
:: Canadian pine joists
:: Choice of stain color
:: 3 x coats ‘Hesse’ protective lacquer

3mm x 40mm galvanized steel coping
:: 2mm stainless steel foot plates
:: Galvanized steel bars and grind edges
:: Matt black paint finish
:: Stainless steel screws

1 x 6mm FSC Russian birch top sheet
:: 2 x 4mm base ply sheet
:: Choice of stain color
:: 3 x coats ‘Hesse’ protective lacquer
:: Choice of graphic silkscreen print

Optional (non-skate surfaces only)
:: Recycled skateboard laminate
:: Reclaimed / recycled wood offcuts
:: Available to order at additional cost


We hand silkscreen our own design large format graphics on all skate surfaces and use reclaimed and recycled wood off-cuts to create unique finishing. But our signature pride & joy is our own multi-coloured maple laminate, made using old recycled skateboard decks through a zen-like painstaking process of preparation, gluing, pressing, cutting, planing and sanding.


FCHK works with designers, illustrators, carpenters and a host of other craftspeople from the Start From Zeroworkshops in Ngau Tau Kok. Over 4 floors of our industrial building, we have in house capabilities to create a wide range of special commissions. In house we not only have all levels of carpentry but also sign painting, silkscreen printing, laser etching and cutting, apparel design and production. We’ve even got our own coffee shop.

We’re happy to discuss any scale or complexity of commission and you can make an appointment anytime to visit the workshops and showrooms.

Drop us a line.


This is the most hotly debated topic in skateboarding the world over when it comes to outdoor ramps and obstacles. Hong Kong’s weather, especially the summer months with heavy rain and high humidity, can be brutal on any outdoor structure and skate ramps are no exception. But it’s not just the rain, direct prolonged exposure to strong sunlight (UV) also takes its toll.

BUT fear not, follow a few simple steps and your FCHK ramp or obstacle will last for many years to come...

FCHK uses only the highest quality materials including super durable imported Birch plywood from Russia and Canadian pine. All surfaces, inside and out, are professionally finished and treated with high quality water resistant lacquers. Although our products are designed to take a beating, at the end of the day it’s still wood. Outdoors over time without proper care and protection, any ramp will eventually take on moisture which can shrink and / or swell the plywood, leading to damage, ‘soft spots’ and eventually rot.

At the very minimum, the most essential investment in the longevity of your ramp is a decent quality waterproof tarpaulin that should be in place at all times when you’re not skating. Use a large, heavy tarp that can be thrown over to cover your entire ramp to create a basic tent shape. Ensure that the wood underneath can still ‘breathe’ without full direct contact to the tarp itself or it will pool and / or trap moisture. You can find inexpensive tarps at any local hardware store.

FCHK products are designed to be easily moved and we recommend not leaving ramps exposed and uncovered to the elements for extended periods. Where possible, always store and use under cover. Ideally and especially when not in use, ramps should be positioned to allow good ventilation and to avoid direct contact with wet ground (especially grass). Ramps placed on grass 0r soft ground will require separate footings to level out and prevent direct floor contact.

The easiest and most cost effective way to increase longevity and weather proofing on any outdoor wooden structure is to regularly apply clear varnish or lacquer designed specially for exterior wood applications. FCHK ramps and obstacles come pre-lacquered thoroughly inside and out with 3 coats of German made Hesse lacquer. This will need re-applying from time to time depending on your usage and storage conditions – heavier use and longer exposure to the elements will require more frequent treatment.

We’d recommend any decent quality clear satin finish waterproof varnish or marine spar varnish. There are also some more expensive and specific ‘skate paints’ on the market, and whilst they definitely do the job, we’re not convinced by the additional price tag. And remember when applying varnish, it’s not just the outer surface that needs attention – the whole structure inside and out needs to feel the love.

Skatelite Pro is a weather resistant composite used in professional skateparks the world over and is without doubt THE BEST riding surface available. Skatelite is FSC compliant, fire resistant, virtually indestructible and will last for years. In 2017, Typhoon Hato destroyed the outdoor miniramp at Mavericks on Pui O Beach but the Skatelite surface sheets were easily reclaimed and are still in use today. This stuff is tough as FCHK.

U.S made Skatelite can be imported into HK and is not cheap – but we believe it is well worth the additional expense. All FCHK products can be finished using Skatelite subject to additional cost and availability – please enquire for details.